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Welcome to Halfwit-2

This is a site for Half-Life 2 SP mapping; a place to share useful tutorials and links for HL2 mappers. I am not an expert, just doing the best I can learning as I go along.
I've not done any mapping for HL2DM or CS:S, so I don't know whether any of the stuff here will work in them.

Post Comments Compliments and Suggestions on the Forum.
Post your Complaints or Problems on the Forum.

You don't have to Register to makes these posts.
If you do want to Register go here
I am often on the Chatbear Forum and its a great place for advice and help with map editing.

Happy mapping!


Update and Review 00:00 on 6th March, 2011
I have done a pretty exhaustive review of the tutorials on the site as I suspected that maybe changes in the Source engine etc and/or careless quality checking on my part may have led to errors or problems with the tutorials and the VMF files (although all the VMF's were working when they were uploaded).

I was right ! So I have gone through and will list below the tutes that have been amended. Some of them don't work at all or crash the programme not many and I am still working on those (marked WIP). Some changes are just simple or cosmetic like putting a weapon in the VMF. In others I used rogue textures not included withHL2 et. al.

14 Manhack Attack Part 2 Does not work and crashes the prog. WIP

15 Dropship Troop Drop VMF would not compile Fixed new VMF to be uploaded

16 Single Drawbridge Pt 1 Origin in wrong place Fixed new VMF to be uploaded

20 Cscanner as trigger Does not work WIP

29 Rappeling Cops No Weapon in VMF Fixed new VMF to be uploaded

(30-40 Someone else is checking these)

58 aiscripted schedule No Weapon in VMF Fixed new VMF to be uploaded

68 Helicopter Rappel No Weapon in VMF Fixed new VMF to be uploaded

86 ai goal police Does not work WIP

112 Gravity Extended Gravity brush Fixed new VMF to be uploaded

128 Cop Shoots Flare Works but crashes the programme WIP

131 Cylinder and Sphere using displacement
Freezes the programme Remade VMF to be uploaded

136 Moving Lasers Env_beam did not kill/damage player Changed info_target to func_brush - Remade VMF to be uploaded.

168 Ep2 Car and Radar Signal needs to be killed after collection ? WIP

179 Water and Displacement No VMF ?? (I know I had one ! ) WIP

192 Elapsed Time Missing numbers textures both in Tute Remade zip to be uploaded
and VMF

195 Brushwork (Vertex Tool) dust-motes texture changed Remade VMF to be uploaded

198 Dangling Sparky Wire
199 Electrified water Surgeon Table changed to a brush Remade VMF to be uploaded
So it works in HL2 and Ep1/Ep2

Minor Change to look of site. 00:00 on 3rd February, 2010
Hope you like it. :)

Frodo wakes up ! 00:00 on 2nd February, 2010
Not a great deal of activity by me - but Bud Doug has been busy learning GIMP and has produced the following four tutes.

Making the Gman into a "Model Citizen" by Bud Doug Lee

Using GIMP to turn a photograph into a texture with transparency by Bud Doug Lee

Making skybox trees and forests using detailtype keyword. by Bud Doug Lee

Using GIMP to make self illuminating textures by Bud Doug Lee

Please post any new requests for tutorials on the forum.

5 new tutes and we made the 200 mark ! 20:25 on 18th April, 2009
Preplaced Portals by Namelezz!

Dangling Sparky Wire
Electrified Water
Endless Trains
Neon Lightsby Bud Doug Lee

Let me know if any problems.

I have been asleep methinks ! 17:32 on 6th April, 2009
Well not a lot happening here lately, since my last post about seven months ago, there have been a few additions:
Keypad puzzle by Bud Doug Lee
Introduction to the particle Editor by Dylan Holcombe
The Magnussson Device by Portalboat

On the way:

Sparky Dangling Wire
Endless Trains
Automatic Stairs
Stairs Slide out from a wall

More Tutorials 13:02 on 4th September, 2008
Hanging Light

Friendly Floor Turrets

Zombies with No Headcrab

Coding a Mod Lord Ned

Coding a Flashlight to Secondary Attack Lord Ned

Moving Floor

Mounted Turret for Orange Box Games Lord Ned

Elapsed Time Bud Doug Lee

Brushwork - The Vertex Tool (pt 2)

193 Keypad with code scratched on the wall and 194 Preplaced Portals will be up soon.

New Tutorials 13:22 on 12th August, 2008
Rather than continue to wait for the new re-design I've upload a number of new tutorials about 7 -8.
Some of the fonts are a bit big but converting back to the old design is a bitch so I'm not changing them. They are still readable. Have a look on the all tutes list for the new ones at the bottom numbers 178 -184.

Relaunch of New Design scheduled for late March 11:08 on 29th March, 2008

Some info and pics here.

Three more 15:54 on 4th January, 2008
169. Two Button Door PORTAL

170. Spawning and Respawning

171. Func_reflective_glass

Update 15:51 on 4th January, 2008
161. PORTAL -Detachable Camera by Nero

162. The Rocket Turret

163. Zipline

164. Portal Wake Up - Bud Doug Lee

165. Headcrab Canisters by Chrome

167. The Core from Ep1 - by Maloof?

168. Ep2 Car and Radar

166. PORTAL Ball Catcher and Launcher

EP2 13:37 on 27th November, 2007
Almost all of these tutorials were made for HL2. There are now some PORTAL ones.
Obviously since the 'big' update and two versions of Hammer, some of the tutorials will not work in EP2 - I have initiated some research into this.

I hope to be able to make additions so that all tutorials will work for both games. Any one willing to be involved in the research please go here


Portal Again 10:20 on 18th November, 2007

Shows how to changes textures like the floor lights etc.

Correction and addition 15:41 on 17th November, 2007
Corrected an error on the Cleanser tutorial (Thanks Yomother) and uploaded the Portal Door tutorial:
and Portal Button

Latest Tutorials 19:25 on 11th November, 2007
Zombie Slumprise
and for PORTAL
Emancipation Grill

Halfwit-2 reaches 150 tutorials 02:41 on 20th August, 2007
Was hoping to combine this milestone with a relaunch of the new design - but the best laid plans of mice and mappers ....Forum has had a makeover though - let me know what you think. :)

Forum 15:37 on 18th August, 2007
The forum will be down for a while while I install an anti-bot mod - I dunno how long it will take.
Will post again in an hour with progress.

Sorry for delay, but should be up and running now; let me know if any problems

Downtime 12:08 on 2nd August, 2007
Six hours downtime today. Servers being transferred by the host. Should be OK now

New site design coming ! 10:14 on 15th July, 2007
Nillian is working on the new design and the site will look a little different- all tutorials will be recategorized and it will include RSS feed.
Watch his space. Hope to have a screenie up on the forum and here very soon.

Additions and Makeover 05:14 on 6th June, 2007
15 new tutorials since I last wrote here:

Double Sliding Doors

Large Thumper

Light Tricks by Stadric

Pop-up Ground Turret by Chrome

Cscanner drops Mines

Simple Lasers

Cop Shoots Flare

Transparent Textures by Yomother (Video)

Patrolling Cops and Combine by Lord Ned

Cylinders and Spheres using Displacement

Rotating Light

Strider Movement using Info_node_air_hint

AI Path finding in HL2 by Bud Doug Lee

Rope Bridge by Chrome

New in Resources

Water Textures by Stadric
Includes a VMF and BSP so you can see them in game.


Vending Machines (Pop, Health and Ammo)

Barney and the Crowbar

Hanging Around

Girder Breaks Gate

Fuller descriptions on the Workshop page.


I have asked Nillian to redesign the site look and I will be revising the layout and categories to make it easier to navigate
Watch this space.

New Completed Maps Section 04:46 on 6th June, 2007
I've put up a section to warehouse everyone's finished maps.

See here for the drill

and here for what's up so far

Can include description, pics and zip file

New Stuff 10:44 on 24th February, 2007
There is a version of the scanner that scans Gordon when he first arrives at Blak Mesa East:
Number 14 here

and citizens pulling down the giant screen:
number 15 here

and a citizen climbs a rope:
number 16 here

Update 04:14 on 18th February, 2007
Registration on the FORUM is now through admin only, this make take longer, sorry, but spammers dictate as usual.

Several more tutorials up:
Garage Door
Trigger Push
Strider Weapons (YoMother)
Strider Walking
Strider Crouch-Walking
Point_viewcontrol Part 2

Swing Doors

Chatroom 18:18 on 6th January, 2007
This is the final decision. Above is registration and log on direct to Flash Chat. Hope you find it useful.
Sorry about the several options there have been over the last few days - but I'm favour of suck it and see. :)

Happy New Year 19:22 on 1st January, 2007
A number of new tutorials up

Zombies break through walls

Zombies breaks out of a cupboard

Zombie breaks through metal fence

MetroCops kick the door open - (part two to come)

A ladder that slides down the wall

Chord's on Exploding Gaspump

WebSpace 19:19 on 1st January, 2007
I am now in a position to offer some space for those with something they want to show the world. I will not put up just any rubbish, so be warned, you must have a genuine skill or talent to show off. My decision on what goes up is final.

This comes out the development of the site pages for YoMother for the MODZ dev mod. The coding was done by Nillian, and allows for flexibility in the header, background and colour scheme as well as some layout modification. The basic functioning will be like the MODZ site. This means that from the Home page you will be able to:

1. Make, edit and delete your own newsposts;
2. Upload and delete pictures;
3. Upload files for others to download (Size per file is 20mb, though I can upload larger files for you if absolutely necessary) and delete them if you want.

As I said the MODZ site is an example, but I have also made a mock up for Dar's Halo:RoD Mod, mainly as an exercise to see how easily the basic code could be modified.
Halo:RoD(Credit to foolycooly for the header image)

You won't be able to see the admin function as you will need a username and password, but YoMother can tell you how simple it is.

The reason I am doing it is to usefully use the space I have which is already paid for, for the community. My site and this forum only use 0.7gb out of 15gb.

(If you want to donate cash, feel free, but it's not necessary)

I'd prefer that sites were HL2 related, but am willing to discuss. (My site lacks the variations on tutorials for DM and CSS for example).

If you are interested PM me at the FORUM.

Four new tutorials 11:45 on 24th May, 2006
ai_relationship here

Env_fog by Zyx here

Scripted_sequence here

Two ways of having a 'key'open a door here

Breakable Padlock 15:55 on 9th May, 2006
This is now up

Even more stuff.... 14:11 on 3rd May, 2006

Seven new skyboxes are here

and another five tutorials 14:09 on 3rd May, 2006
Collapsing Ceiling by Stadric here
ai_goal_follow here
Trigger_changelevel here
Ai_goal_police here

Additions 08:18 on 2nd May, 2006
Several new things up now

Drax has started a series on Photoshop, these are here

Meathead continues to add to the growing number of CSS video tutorials here

Raidenator has contirbuted a basic Displacement Tutorial here

I've finally got around to the Raising and Lowering Water tutorial here

also put together a quickie on Seagulls

YoMother has put together a tutorial on Moving Backgound Maps here

New Art and Tutorial on making a Tunnel with the Arch Tool 17:07 on 9th April, 2006
Phasy now has some art up, and Meathead's modelling work grows daily - so check them out.

Another tutorial from Meathead and a Prefab from me. 21:00 on 5th April, 2006
Meathead has done a basic Bomb Target Video for CSS.
It's here
In the Prefabs section I've put some Arches and walls for tech corridors number 28 here

Double First ! 20:47 on 29th March, 2006
The first CSS tutorial is up, and it is also the first video tutorial.
Meathead has made a tutorial for setting up CSS Hostage Rescue.
The first of a series of Tutorials from Meathead.

New Tutorial 19:53 on 25th March, 2006
Tutorial now up for Soldiers Rappeling from Helicopter - removed from Workshop

Basic Vertex Editing Part One 17:09 on 19th March, 2006
Up today:


Dropship Drops Strider 17:46 on 17th March, 2006
New tutorial. Thanks to Manefesto

More Art added 08:14 on 17th March, 2006
Some more art of mine added to the Misc Art section - anybody got any they want put up let me know.

Change Level in a lift 18:31 on 12th March, 2006
Two vmf's uploaded to the WORKSHOP
here Tutorial later.

Barrels 15:36 on 11th March, 2006
Section in Canals where Gordon has barrels thrown at him down a slope.


Misc Art 02:11 on 7th March, 2006
Opened a page for Artwork - not necessarily HL2. Just for fun, if you've got stuff you want to show and it's reasonably good - e-mail me.


AI_goal_Actbusy and aiscripted_schedule 09:17 on 5th March, 2006
Short basic tutorials now up


and here

Workshop/Tutorials 08:34 on 1st March, 2006
Started transferring some VMF's into the workshop that are awaiting tutorial write up.
Barney opening the Combine Gate and Combine Rappelling from Helicopter

A tutorial on the Clipping Tool is now up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALFWIT-2.COM !! 05:01 on 23rd February, 2006
We have been running for a year now, thanks to all who have supported the site over the last 12 months.
Have now made the links to 'Comment' or 'Complain' at the Forum much easier. You don't have to register to post in those sections and the links go directly.
Expect a small set of Texturing Tutorials from YoMother and Gronblad at the weekend.

Photoshop and Texturing 11:13 on 19th February, 2006
Forum now has a section on texturing and using Photoshop, if you have questions.

2D Skybox 10:40 on 12th February, 2006
Tutorial on 2D skybox is here
Thanks to Zombie@Computer for his help.

Also up a prefab pack of roads.It's number 20 here If someone knows who made them, please let me know.

Iris Door 06:05 on 8th February, 2006
Someone asked for this. Feedback please.

New tutorial here

Changes and Additions 04:02 on 6th February, 2006
Site is 30% rewritten, it won't look too different but should load faster, and be more responsive.
Maybe a couple of weeks before it's finalised.

YoMother Put together a group of pictures illustrating the Attachment points of some models. There are some explanatory notes too here in Resources

Also up are two new prefabs, the swings from Trainstation 2 ,and Info Player Plus, to save some time while compiling. They are numbers 18 and 19, here

Ch Ch Changes......... 12:09 on 4th February, 2006
Overhaul of the site this weekend, I will probably scrap the comments section here. I opened a forum which is still in it's infancy here
so all queries and comments will be dealt with from there. It make's life easier for me to make mapping life easier for you ( I hope :))

Tutorial on the Point View Control 19:28 on 2nd February, 2006
Basic tutorial on use of the PVC (Camera) (Tutorial 53 here)
Bonus VMF with Scripted sequences and a strange sense of humour to give a taste of what's possible.Enjoy


New Halfwit-2 Forum 06:52 on 30th January, 2006
I've opened a new Forum on Chatbear, the link is above. I've not felt confident that the Comments system here is a good way to dialogue on issues that come up for visitors, so I am trying out the Forum as an alternative.
It's early days yet, I want to make a couple of boards and I'm not happy with the cosmetics yet - should all be in place by the weekend. Please do go and sign up, either with your queries; to help mappers solve their problems; ideas for tutorials; complaints; comments or compliments.

Respawning Entities 06:49 on 30th January, 2006
YoMother made some adjustments to the Door exploding up tutorial and demonstrated the technique of respawning entities. This is now tutorial 52 here

Env_steam 14:50 on 22nd January, 2006
Tutorial showing the use of env_steam, and turning it off via a valve, is up today here.
Coming soon, and in the same VMF as Steam, the breakable padlock.
YoMother has made a fun version of tutorial 50, and his map also illustrates resetting spawned entities. Both these will be up soon.

50th Tutorial is up 18:29 on 19th January, 2006
New tutorial up covering the model based Prop_door_rotating here and Dale's Door Exploding Up - using Env_Phys_Impact - the fiftieth Tutorial is here

Would still appreciate mappers beta testing tutorials and letting me know of any problems. Thanks

Climbing Zombie Tutorial 23. 08:51 on 19th January, 2006
Small but vital error in this tutorial, collisions on the drainpipe props need to be set to Not Solid.
Tutorial corrected, sorry for frustration.
Thanks to Dominic C for bringing this to my attention.
Can I ask you all to let me know if something doesn't work as it should then I can correct any errors that might exist

New Header and Background 07:39 on 1st January, 2006
Happy New Year to all - (Over the last year there have been 1,587,371 hits on the site - thanks for your support)
New year has brought some changes to the appearance of the site.
Thanks to Axel Gronblad at axel.gronblad@hotmail.com for the inspiration and layout for the header. Hope you like the changes.

Internet Explorer 08:21 on 11th September, 2005
Some folk have reported trouble on some pages using Internet Explorer. The site works much better on MOZILLA FIREFOX, which is free and a much better browser. I will continue to try and get things better on IE, but in the meantime I recommend FIREFOX and you can get it here